….It is becoming clear that to really lies behind the insurgency in Syria, it is not to claim basic freedoms and fundamental rights of human beings, denied for too many years by the regime, but any other thing. In short, the “Arab spring” that shook and shook the Maghreb and Mashreq is a sock puppet of the offensive of Islamic conquest of the region. Arab dictatorships will not give way to a “friendly Democrats” but the imposition of sharia law everywhere and for all. In other words, do not believe, to take a French comparison, the Terror that Robespierre will give way to the Bonapartist despotism – which some have considered as a better relative – but just the opposite: the despotism of systems in distress Islamist terror will succeed … This is not really win in exchange for local people, starting with the Christians! See one new evidence in this dispatch unequivocal Fides yesterday. D.H.

Exodus of Christians in western Syria: the Christian population still present in the small town of Qusayr in the vicinity of Homs, was the subject of an ultimatum issued by the chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba. This is indicated by local sources of Fides, pointing out before, after the conflict began, 9,000 of the 10,000 Christians present had already left town.
Some mosques have agreed to relay the message announcing the minarets: “Christians must leave Qusayr within six days which ends on Friday.” The ultimatum, which has expired [preliminary] yesterday, June 8, has scared the rest of the Christian population who had hoped that the presence of the Father Paolo Dall’Oglio to Qusayr for a week in order to pray and to be fast for peace in the middle of the conflict could have improved the situation.
The reasons for this remain unclear ultimatum. Some say it is for Christians to save further suffering. Others there are continuity of discrimination and repression they experience for months. Others lament that some Christians have expressed too clearly their loyalty to the state, causing these measures. Christian families residing at Qusayr began their exodus to the valley and surrounding countryside. Some have gone to take refuge with relatives or friends in Damascus. There are however many families who stayed behind despite the ultimatum did not resign themselves to leave their hometown, their land and property but who knows what fate may await them. Fides sources reaffirm that Islamist extremist Salafist groups located in the ranks of the armed opposition consider Christians as renegades, confiscating their property, engaged in summary executions and being ready to start a sectarian war.

Time is not he come for Christians in the region, including the Syrian Christians, without ceasing their pious exercises of fasting and prayer, to form their militia self-defense if they want to protect their lives of their families, their property, their rights to remain on their land and to worship freely?



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Il est de plus évident que se qui se cache vraiment derrière l’insurrection en Syrie, ce n’est pas la revendication des libertés élémentaires et des droits fondamentaux de la personne humaine, bafoués depuis trop d’année par le régime, mais tout autre chose. Pour faire court, le “printemps arabe” qui a secoué et secoue les pays du Maghreb et du Machrek est un faux-nez de l’offensive islamiste de conquête de la région. Les dictatures arabes ne vont pas laisser la place à de “gentils démocrates” mais à l’imposition de la charia partout et pour tous. Autrement dit, il ne faut pas croire, pour prendre une comparaison française, que la Terreur robespierriste va laisser la place au despotisme bonapartiste – que certains ont pu considérer comme un mieux relatif –, mais à tout le contraire : au despotisme des régimes en perdition va succéder la terreur islamiste… Ce qui n’est pas…

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