Happening Right Now In Luton

2:26 PM – 29 Mai

Re Sikh girl abused: Luton Police Station with approx 500 sikhs and the Muslim is to be released shortly. Anyone that wants to join in please come now.
Message approx 9:45pm.

“all going off down Luton police station ,Sikhs protesting against muslim rapist about to freed ,best get down there eh ! ee edl ”

“Luton Town Centre closed off due to Sikhs protesting outside Police Station over young sikh girl raped”


well the mulim who raped a sikh girl did not expect the other minority turning out in Luton tonight the sikh community along with the E D L are on the streets of Luton IF ANY ONE IS CLOSE BY LUTON POLICE STATION IS WHERE THE DEMO IS NSFE


Luton Police Station with approx 500 sikhs and the Muslim is to be released shortly. Anyone that wants to join in please come now

This is community spirit EDL and the Sikhs together as one! pic.twitter.com/hfLBN2Aj


+No Surrender Brothers and Sisters Of The EDL+


“I read the raped girl’s mother went to the police 4 times about the rape and the
police did nothing.
I hope the abused girl draws some comfort from the fact that people are prepared to rise up and
demand that she gets justice and is treated with respect.”

Sikhs in Luton police station sit-down protestHundreds of members of the Sikh community have staged a sit-down protest outside Buxton Road police station in Luton.

A police spokesman said the protesters had concerns after a report that a young woman from their community was sexually assaulted on Monday.

The allegation is being investigated by Bedfordshire Police and a man has been arrested in the inquiry.

Police are trying to resolve the situation with community leaders.



Sikhs protest outside Luton Police station over ‘assault’ allegationsPosted: May 30, 2012 in News Feed

HUNDREDS of members of the Sikh community protested outside Luton Police Station last night following allegations that a young woman had been sexually assaulted.

Scores of Sikh men and women converged on the Buxton Road station at around 9pm after the allegations were made following an incident on Monday.

Protestors, many of them from outside of Luton, blocked one side of Stuart Street with concerns over police handling of the incident.

Several English Defence League supporters joined the Sikhs in protest.

Representatives from the Sikh community were invited into the police station to discuss their concerns, but police, some with police dogs, eventually guarded the entrance to the station and herded protestors away from Buxton Road.

The group were eventually escorted back to the Dallow Road temple and eventually dispersed before midnight.

Police had met with members of the community at the Gurdwara in Dallow Road earlier in the day to address their concerns.

Officers say that they are continuing to work with members of the community to ensure that they are kept up-to-date.

Beds Police Chief Supt Mike Colbourne said: “Obviously we have a duty to facilitate lawful, peaceful protest and if people have concerns it is right they are aired responsibly. Our priority first and foremost, however, is with the victim in this matter and her family.”

A man has since been charged with common assault following the incident and will appear at Luton Magistrates Court this morning.



UPDATE 1.06 2012

Luton Sikh-Muslim protest: ‘Positive’ police meetingPosted: May 31, 2012 in News Feed
0A “constructive” and “positive” meeting has been held between police and the Sikh and Muslim communities following a protest at a Luton police station.

The groups held talks on Wednesday after hundreds of Sikhs gathered at Buxton Road on Tuesday night.

The protest was over allegations a Muslim man had assaulted a Sikh woman.

Police said officers were working with the two groups and wanted any concern about criminal activity to be reported.

‘Cultural sensitivities’

Speaking after the meeting, Sikh representative Jaswinder Singh Nagra said: “I think it was very constructive.

“We need to educate the police about our cultural sensitivities.”

His thoughts were echoed by Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti, president of the Sunni Mosque Council in Luton, who was also at the meeting.

“We will work together not only on this issue, but on all issues,” he told the BBC.

“We have formed a working group with the Sikh community.”

Bedfordshire Police Ch Supt Mike Colbourne said: “We want the public to report any issues, fears or concerns that they have.”

 H/T : http://eastangliandivision.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/luton-sikh-muslim-protest-positive-police-meeting/

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