United States of America Defence League Begins Operations


America now has its own Defence League

I have read the Mission Statement and personally agree with the goals and rules of conduct.  As a new member, I encourage you to check out the site at http://usadefenceleague.com/ and consider becoming a member yourself. Washington and your State Legislators are not going to move forward in any way, shape, or fashion unles there is a competent, cohesive group that they can take seriously enough to listen to.

Join the United States of America Defence League to halt Sharia Law

We the people have certain unalienable rights and among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The American government has chosen to embrace either out of evil or out of ignorance, a system of global governance that seeks to destroy us all, resulting in the death of the United States of America, to be reborn as a 7th century…

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