From the Hidden Crevices of the Palestinian Front

From the Hidden Crevices of the Palestinian Front. Thanks Beyond The Cusp. Many News On that Subject To Come..

Beyond the Cusp

Fortunately, most of the news from this past weekend will cover the horrendous attacks on the central areas of the United States by nature in one of her favorite areas to strike, Tornado Alley. Numerous twisters demolished at least one town and has been the cause of a few fatalities and numerous injured. Some coverage out of the Middle East might cover the slow escalation of the war by the Syrian government against the Syrian people in what can only be termed a battle for that countries immediate future. There will also be some sporadic coverage of the attempted fly-in to protest the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. The fact that most of the activists had their tickets cancelled and never reached their destination did not prevent their riotous behavior as they rioted at the airports in Brussels and Paris. A small number actually reached Ben Gurion International Airport where…

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