You need to act on Islamic extremism by EDL

EDL in Aarhus – European Counter-Jihad Meeting, Denmark
Posted on March 30, 2012, in EDL News


On 31st March 2012 the EDL will be attending the European Counter-Jihad Meeting in Aarhus, Denmark.

The demonstration will be an opportunity to build stronger ties with our European friends, as together we send a clear message to the leaders of Europe:

You need to act on Islamic extremism.

It’s a simple message, but it’s one that too few of our nations’ governments are willing to listen to, yet alone act upon.

Our governments and our media behave as if Islamic extremism exists only in the head of a few extremists, and claim that it is unfair to make the connection between Islam and extremism.

This is ridiculous, just as it is ridiculous to claim that anyone who criticises Islam must be an extremist in their own right.

We believe in fair criticism of Islam and in the defence of our cultures, our nations, and the rights and freedoms that they have long protected.

But that certainly does not mean that we believe that the way to combat extremism is with more extremism.

We will not associate with any individual or group that does not reject extremism. If any such group does decide to attend our demonstration, they will be swiftly removed. We want to make it clear to racists, neo-Nazis and any other extremists – you are not welcome.

To make this equally clear to the media, our governments, our critics and especially to our would-be supporters, all of the groups gathering in Aarhus have been asked to put their names to a Memorandum of Understanding that makes clear our opposition to extremism in all its forms.

It is subtitled quite simply, ‘defending the right to defend free nations’ and is available here.

Any organisations not intending to travel to Aarhus, but still wishing to signal that they agree with the principles outlined in the Memorandum, are also more than welcome to sign up.

The groups that have signed up so far as:

The Danish Defence League
The Norwegian Defence League
The Swiss Defence League
The Swedish Defence League
The German Defence League
The Finnish Defence League
The Italian Defence League
The Polish Defence League
The American Defense Team

Defending our right to speak out in defence of our country is how English Defence League was born, and that is why its message resonates around Europe (and the world).

People are fed up of being taught to be ashamed of their culture. They’re tired of being told that their reasonable concerns are nothing but bigotry or racism.

Intolerant and extremist attitudes are being spread in the name of Islam – not England, not Denmark, and not any of the other countries who will represented in Aarhus.

What we can do about it is not clear. But the first step is to be able to speak about it.

Support freedom of speech. Support the right to defend free nations. Support your nation’s defence league.

No surrender.


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