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You need to act on Islamic extremism by EDL

EDL in Aarhus – European Counter-Jihad Meeting, Denmark
Posted on March 30, 2012, in EDL News


On 31st March 2012 the EDL will be attending the European Counter-Jihad Meeting in Aarhus, Denmark.

The demonstration will be an opportunity to build stronger ties with our European friends, as together we send a clear message to the leaders of Europe:

You need to act on Islamic extremism.

It’s a simple message, but it’s one that too few of our nations’ governments are willing to listen to, yet alone act upon.

Our governments and our media behave as if Islamic extremism exists only in the head of a few extremists, and claim that it is unfair to make the connection between Islam and extremism.

This is ridiculous, just as it is ridiculous to claim that anyone who criticises Islam must be an extremist in their own right.

We believe in fair criticism of Islam and in the defence of our cultures, our nations, and the rights and freedoms that they have long protected.

But that certainly does not mean that we believe that the way to combat extremism is with more extremism.

We will not associate with any individual or group that does not reject extremism. If any such group does decide to attend our demonstration, they will be swiftly removed. We want to make it clear to racists, neo-Nazis and any other extremists – you are not welcome.

To make this equally clear to the media, our governments, our critics and especially to our would-be supporters, all of the groups gathering in Aarhus have been asked to put their names to a Memorandum of Understanding that makes clear our opposition to extremism in all its forms.

It is subtitled quite simply, ‘defending the right to defend free nations’ and is available here.

Any organisations not intending to travel to Aarhus, but still wishing to signal that they agree with the principles outlined in the Memorandum, are also more than welcome to sign up.

The groups that have signed up so far as:

The Danish Defence League
The Norwegian Defence League
The Swiss Defence League
The Swedish Defence League
The German Defence League
The Finnish Defence League
The Italian Defence League
The Polish Defence League
The American Defense Team

Defending our right to speak out in defence of our country is how English Defence League was born, and that is why its message resonates around Europe (and the world).

People are fed up of being taught to be ashamed of their culture. They’re tired of being told that their reasonable concerns are nothing but bigotry or racism.

Intolerant and extremist attitudes are being spread in the name of Islam – not England, not Denmark, and not any of the other countries who will represented in Aarhus.

What we can do about it is not clear. But the first step is to be able to speak about it.

Support freedom of speech. Support the right to defend free nations. Support your nation’s defence league.

No surrender.


Europe’s Islamic Future Has Arrived

Europe’s Islamic Future Has Arrived

In country after European country, the post-modern charade of the bliss of multiculturalism — the idea that all cultures are equal and can coexist peacefully side-by-side in any given country, and that Muslim immigrants should be allowed to keep their cultural traditions rather than integrate into wider European society — is unravelling.

Consider just a few of the following Islam-related controversies that jolted Europe during March 2012, a month that not only exposed the deadly consequences of decades of politically correct multiculturalism, but also brought into stark relief the moral confusion that now reigns supreme among much of Europe’s political class.

In France, a 23-year-old Islamic jihadist named Mohamed Merah confirmed the threat of homegrown Muslim terrorism. Merah, a French citizen of Algerian origin, killed three French paratroopers, three Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi with close-range shots to the head. He filmed himself carrying out the attacks that began on March 11 to “verify” the deaths. Merah later died in a hail of gunfire on March 22 after a 32-hour standoff with police at his apartment in the southern French city of Toulouse.

In an extraordinary display of moral callousness, an indifferent Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s ‘Foreign Minister’ and member of the British Labour Party, declared that “what happened in Toulouse,” — the deliberate murder of the Jewish children — was morally equivalent to the accidental war deaths of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. Then, in a clumsy effort to blunt the outrage engendered by Ashton’s spectacle, her spin doctors released a statement to “clarify” her remarks by amending the official transcript of her speech.

Ashton made her contentious comments at none other than a pro-Palestinian activists’ conference in Brussels, the self-styled “Capital of Europe” and also the most Islamic city in Europe. She hosted the event, entitled “Palestine Refugees in the Changing Middle East,” in an attempt to convince the world that the European Union is an “honest broker” in the Middle East. Not surprisingly, the Hamas terrorist group applauded Ashton, saying “she deserves thanks, appreciation, and support in the face of Zionist attempts to terrorize and pressure her.”

Meanwhile, in Geneva, Switzerland, the United Nations Human Rights Council on March 19 extended an invitation to Hamas’s very own Ismail al-Ashqar to speak to the 19th regular session of the body. The UN reluctantly rescinded al-Ashqar’s invitation at the last minute on fears that his appearance might further undermine its own credibility.

True to form, the Human Rights Council considered five resolutions on Israel and the Palestinians, including four resolutions submitted by Palestine, even though no such state exists. One resolution called for the council to appoint an international fact-finding committee to investigate Israeli “settlements” on the West Bank and their impact on Palestinian life.

The measure was adopted by a vote of 36 in favor, 1 against and 10 abstentions. Voting in favor were: Austria, Belgium, Norway and Switzerland. Not surprisingly, no European country opposed the measure (the United States cast the only ‘no’ vote).

In Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, the head of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) and a possible candidate for German chancellor, on March 14 described Israel as an “apartheid regime.” Posting on his Facebook site, Gabriel wrote: “I was just in Hebron [under the Palestinian Authority’s control, not Israel’s, at the Palestinian Authority’s request – the editors]. That is a lawless territory there for Palestinians. This is an apartheid regime, for which there is no justification.”

Gabriel’s remarks triggered a wave of criticism from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU), which issued a statement saying: “The fact that a German politician is using the term ‘Apartheid’ in connection with Israeli society is shameful. This is out of turn and reveals Mr. Gabriel’s ignorance in foreign policy matters, especially when it comes to such complex issues such as the Middle East conflict.”

Gabriel, a former environmental minister, was unrepentant. He later sought to meet with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, despite Germany’s official policy not to recognize the terror group. Gabriel also said he welcomed the inclusion of Hamas as political partner in the Middle East.

In Sweden, Ilmar Reepalu, the leftwing mayor of Malmö, accused Jews in the country of teaming up with an anti-immigrant party to “spread hate” toward Muslims.

Reepalu, who has turned a blind eye to the growing problem of anti-Semitism in Malmö during the more than 15 years he has been mayor, believes that Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism because of their support for Israeli policies in the Middle East.

Muslims now comprise between 20% and 25% of Malmö’s total population of around 300,000; much of the increase in anti-Jewish violence in recent years is being attributed to shiftless Muslim immigrant youth. In recent months, the only synagogue serving Malmö’s 700-strong Jewish community has been the focus of repeated attacks. The synagogue, which has previously been set on fire and been the target of bomb threats, now has guards stationed around it, while the Jewish kindergarten can only be reached through reinforced steel security doors.

In January 2010, for example, Reepalu marked Holocaust Memorial Day by declaring that Zionism is racism. In an interview with the daily newspaper Skånska Dagbladet, he also said: “I would wish for the Jewish community to denounce Israeli violations against the civilian population in Gaza. Instead it decides to hold a [pro-Israeli] demonstration in the Grand Square [of Malmö], which could send the wrong signals.”

Reepalu was referring to an incident in January 2009, during Israel’s brief war in Gaza, when a small demonstration in favor of Israel was attacked by a screaming mob of Muslims and Swedish leftists, who threw bottles and firecrackers as the police looked on.

In July 2011, after a Hollywood film production company cancelled plans to shoot a movie in Skåne in southern Sweden due to concerns over anti-Semitism in Malmö, Reepalu cast his rage at the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center for advising Jews to avoid traveling to the region.

Reepalu, in an interview with the newspaper Sydsvenskan, said: “I have a feeling that the Simon Wiesenthal Center is not really looking for what is happening in Malmö but they want to hang the people who dare to criticize the state of Israel. Are they once again saying I should be silenced? I will never compromise my morals.”

In a March 22 interview with the magazine NEO about the rise of anti-Semitism in Sweden, Reepalu said the Jewish community has been “infiltrated” by the conservative Sweden Democrats party to promote their mutual disdain for Muslims. Reepalu’s comments triggered outrage but he is unlikely to give ground.

Jewish cemeteries in Sweden also have been desecrated; Jewish worshippers have been abused on their way home from prayer; and Jews have been taunted in the streets by masked men chanting phrases such as “Hitler, Hitler” and “Dirty Jew.”

Some Jews in Sweden have stopped attending prayer services altogether out of fear for their safety and 15 Jewish families have left the city altogether because of harassment and threats.

In Britain, Baroness Cox, one of the most outspoken campaigners against the spread of Islamic Sharia law there, told a House of Lords symposium on March 19 that a growing number of British Muslims are shunning the official court system in favor of Sharia councils to settle legal disputes. She warned that if Sharia law is allowed to thrive, brutal punishments like stoning, whipping and amputations could become widespread in Britain.

Islamic jurisprudence is, in fact, spreading throughout Britain at an astonishing rate. At least 85 Islamic Sharia courts are now operating there, almost 20 times as many as previously believed.

A recent think tank study entitled “Sharia Law or One Law for All” found that scores of unofficial tribunals and councils regularly apply Islamic law to resolve domestic, marital and business disputes, many operating in mosques; and warns of a “creeping” acceptance of Sharia principles in British law.

In London, Ashton’s Labour Party colleague Ken Livingstone, who is campaigning to become its next mayor, said he wants to turn the capital city into a “beacon” of Islam. According to a recent Ipsos MORI poll conducted for the BBC, Livingstone’s main rival, the incumbent mayor Boris Johnson, holds a slight lead but is in a statistical dead heat. With an estimated one million Muslims living in London, Livingstone’s appeal to Islam may, on May 3, propel him into the mayor’s office.

Speaking to Muslim worshippers on March 16 at the North London Central Mosque, one of the most hardline anti-Western mosques in Europe, Livingstone pledged that if elected, he would “educate the mass of Londoners” about Islam.

Livingstone, a self-described socialist who previously served as the mayor of London from 2000 to 2008, declared: “I want to spend the next four years making sure that every non-Muslim in London knows and understands [Mohammed’s] words and message. That will help to cement our city as a beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of the Prophet.”

In the Netherlands, the Dutch public broadcaster VPRO has been offering its viewers a downloadable board game called “The Settlers of the West Bank” featuring Israeli “settlers” who use “Jewish stinginess,” “Wailing Wall,” and “Anne Frank” cards to “colonize” the West Bank. The aim of the game is to build as many “settlements” as possible on so-called Palestinian territory. VPRO, describing the game as “thought-provoking satire,” reluctantly removed it from its website following accusations of anti-Semitism.

Frits Bolkestein, a veteran Dutch politician, said that Jews have no future in the Netherlands and he has recommended that they emigrate to Israel or the United States for their own safety. In an interview with the Dutch magazine Elsevier, Bolkestein said: “I see no future for recognizable Jews [those who wear skullcaps or sidecurls], in particular because of anti-Semitism, specifically in Dutch Moroccans, who continue to grow in number.”

Dutch politician Geert Wilders was quick to refute Bolkestein by saying that “Jews should not emigrate, anti-Semitic Moroccans should.” But the writing is on the wall; Europe’s Islamic future has arrived.

Soeren Kern is Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group. Follow him on Facebook.

Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels

Belgistan !!!

Aarhus Meeting Live 31 MARCH 2012

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Annan demands Syrian government begins ceasefire ‘now’

In Other Words Annan ask for an other Islamist State

“”As Syrian president Bashar al-Assad struggles to contend with a massive popular uprising, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (SMB) is poised to dominate whatever coalition of forces manages to unseat the Baathist regime. Though in many ways the Brotherhood’s official political platform is a model of Islamist moderation and tolerance, it is less a window into the group’s thinking than a reflection of its political tactics. Unlike its parent organization, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which often kept its ideological opponents at arm’s length, the SMB has repeatedly forged alliances with secular dissident groups even as it secretly tried to negotiate a deal with the Assad regime to allow its return from exile. Since the moderation of its political platform over the past two decades has clearly been intended to facilitate this triangulation, it does not tell us much about the ultimate intentions of the Syrian Brotherhood.””

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Tariq Ramadan Says Religion Had Nothing To Do With Toulouse Shootings

Tariq Ramadan paints Mohamed Merah as the victim:

Maureen Messant (reblogged)

An Open letter to the Birmingham Mail. French Version Version en Langue Française approximative :


Maureen Messent: Une lettre ouverte au Birmingham Mail
Chers Messieurs,


Maureen Messent est exact que de nombreux sous-performants enfants blancs anglais »ont parent (s) sans mesures incitatives pour encourager leur progéniture à réussir». Cependant, je dois demander, d’où vient-elle pense que ces parents ont été éduqués? Est-ce qu’elle pense qu’ils ont surgi de nulle part, que tout le monde a décidé en masse ils le feraient avec apathiques en ce qui concerne l’avenir de leurs enfants? Le fait de la question, c’est que les parents, grands-parents et même arrière-grands-grands-parents des enfants qu’elle se réfère à des produits de notre système d’éducation. C’est un système qui a été à défaut de la majorité des gens ordinaires de la classe ouvrière depuis des décennies. Si ce n’est pas le cas, alors je dois supposer que Messent est ce qui implique que la classe ouvrière anglaise sont en quelque sorte inférieure, dont je suis sûr qu’elle n’est pas, comme ce serait indéniablement raciste.
Le système éducatif a échoué, et continue à échouer, génération après génération d’écoliers anglais de la classe ouvrière. Discipline a été abandonné (maintenant rétabli, pour une raison étrange) dans les écoles britanniques ainsi que la société en général. Essayées et testées avec succès les méthodes d’enseignement ont été remplacés par une expérience a échoué après l’autre. Nous voyons maintenant le point culminant de cette faute dans les gens qu’elle déshumanise si froidement avec le langage provocateur, je osé lui à utiliser lorsqu’on se réfère à tout autre groupe social ou ethnique. Bien sûr, elle ne sera pas utiliser des termes semblables ou les stéréotypes avec les autres ethnies. Si elle le faisait, elle serait la rupture Syndicat national des journalistes des lignes directrices, mais parce que c’est la classe ouvrière anglaise, nous sommes considérés comme un jeu équitable par Messent et, malheureusement, votre journal par l’association.
Contrairement à d’autres auparavant sous-réalisation de groupes sociaux, la classe ouvrière anglaise, maintenant une minorité dans son propre droit selon un récent sondage réalisé par le groupe de recherche-Bretagne pense, a, jusqu’à présent, été constamment négligés et ignorés par le système qui identifie et combats sous-performants enfants d’autres groupes minoritaires. Les raisons pour lesquelles sont évidents, la classe ouvrière anglaise a été désertée par ses bienfaiteurs traditionnels tels que l’église, a volé de ses organes de défense tels que le Parti travailliste ou des syndicats. Par conséquent, avec personne pour parler en leur nom, ouvrière anglaise préoccupations de classe tels que l’éducation, mais aussi le logement, le bien-être et de l’emploi ont été systématiquement ignorés par les gouvernements successifs.
Oui, il ya beaucoup de familles blanches anglais maintenant qui reçoivent des prestations, mais de les rejeter tous comme workshy ou ne veulent pas trouver un emploi décent qui ne va pas, non seulement parce qu’elle est stéréotypée et discriminatoire, mais parce qu’il est incorrect. Toute personne qui vit dans le monde réel sait qu’il n’ya simplement pas la même quantité d’emplois se trouvaient des et de la population a augmenté, sans parler de la concurrence des bas-frais généraux et, dans certains cas subventionné migrants économiques sous-couper un grand nombre d’emplois domestiques- demandeurs pour les postes vacants qui restent peu au Royaume-Uni. Il est seulement devenu pertinent aujourd’hui, parce que les ignorants, comme Messent, souvent chercher des boucs émissaires lorsque les choses se corsent. Tout comme les politiciens qui cherchent le plus petit dénominateur commun à blâmer pour leurs propres erreurs, le plus faible dans la société sont des proies plus faciles que les vrais coupables.
Ces personnes, qui Messent cruellement et déshumanise inutilement avec des termes tels que «bovine», sont en réalité l’abandon classe ouvrière anglaise, excédentaire aux besoins de notre fabrication est désormais affermés à des tiers monde ateliers clandestins. Avec les industries manufacturières du pays en déclin terminal et les perspectives d’emploi peu, ces gens abandonnés ont été laissés à pourrir dans des ghettos blancs Council Estate. Oui, une culture avantages est encouragée, mais par qui? Pour dire que ces gens sous-scolarisés et donc dépolitisée sont les architectes de leur propre destin, de dire qu’ils ont conçu la situation, est risible, pour ne pas mentionner crasse.
Ce que nous fait voir est le résultat de la lâcheté abjecte par nos politiciens, qui maintenant se soucient plus de gain à court terme, la réélection et le pouvoir qu’ils ne le font quant à l’intérêt national et le développement personnel de leur électorat. Eh bien, quand je dis électorat, c’est là la raison de la déréliction de la classe ouvrière devient évident: il en résulte l’éducation pauvres en moins d’attentes, il se traduit aussi par des personnes se détacher du processus démocratique. La situation a été conçu, mais pas par le Messent personnes tient à un seul dehors, victimiser et le blâme. Notre industrie a été autorisé à se désagréger, de préférence à l’exploitation à faible tracas, mais élevé de personnes du tiers-monde, en particulier l’Extrême-Orient. Il n’est pas dans l’intérêt de notre établissement pour améliorer les normes d’éducation pour les enfants de la classe ouvrière anglaise, ni coup d’envoi de fabrication, parce que s’ils le faisaient, cela voudrait dire des gens ordinaires pourrait s’attendre à un emploi rémunérateur. Où seraient les emplois vient-il?
Je pense que la seule phrase intéressante est l’utilisation Messent de «lumpen» le mot, si elle utilise une définition du mot, puis elle accepte effectivement avec moi que les personnes concernées sont dépossédés ou déplacées, les personnes qui ont été coupés de la situation socio -économique classe avec laquelle ils seraient normalement identifiés. Si elle utilise l’autre définition, vulgaire ou commune, dont elle doit évidemment être, alors qu’elle est inutilement offensant.
Messent les parents de marque, elle ne sait pas que «à peine literate’and ‘repos’, elle a dit qu’ils sont des gens qui« ne pouvait pas m’en fous si leurs enfants à réussir à l’école ou non ». Elle stéréotypée entre eux comme des gens dans des logements subventionnés ‘qui germées’ énormes écrans de télévision où le reste d’entre nous en veilleuse nos livres ». Il est devenu ironiquement comique qu’elle a ensuite de les étiqueter comme des grumeaux lamentablement ignorants de la bigoterie », qui étaient exactement les qualités qu’elle avait elle-même tout au long de cette pièce affichées mal pensé de non-sens diffamatoire.
Le Birmingham Mail a gravement se laisser tomber en publiant discriminatoire de ce type de cale. C’est injuste, partial et si tout autre groupe socio-ethnique a été choisi et publiquement fouetté de telle manière qu’il serait condamné et Messent serait hors d’un travail.

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women Feb. 22 – March 29, 2012

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women Feb. 22 – March 29, 2012

Ethnic Cleansing of Syrian Christians

Ethnic Cleansing of Syrian Christians
Syrian President Basher Assad isn’t the only target of Syrian rebels as Syria’s Orthodox Christian Church reports “ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians” by al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militant groups in the embattled Syrian city of Homs.

The report from the Vatican news agency Fides says Brigade Faruq, which has links with elements of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Islamist mercenaries from Libya, has expelled 90 percent of Christians living in Homs, nearly 50,000 people.


Reportedly, the armed Islamists went door to door in the Christian neighborhoods of Hamidiya and Bustan al-Diwan informing the homeowners that if they did not leave immediately they would be shot. Then pictures of their corpses would be taken and sent to al-Jazeera, along with the message that the Syrian government had killed them.

As such, the men, women and children — denied by the Islamists from taking any of their belongings — were forced to flee to mountain villages 30 miles outside of Homs, their homes occupied by the militants who claimed the owners’ possessions as “war-booty from the Christians.”

According to reports by Barnabas Aid, a relief agency assisting Syrian Christians, the forced Christian exodus from Homs has been ongoing since the beginning of February when armed Islamists murdered more than 200 Christians, “including entire families with young children.”

At that time a representative of Barnabas Aid pleaded, “Christians are being forced to flee the city to the safety of government-controlled areas. Muslim rebel fighters and their families are taking over their homes.”

Unfortunately, Islamist attacks against Syria’s Christian community, including kidnappings and murder, have occurred almost from the onset of the popular uprising against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad which began in March 2011.

These murders, which have killed over 100 Christians, include the hanging of a 28-year-old man; a 40 year-old father of two shot dead; two young men killed while waiting in line at a bakery; and a 37-year-old father with a pregnant wife, his body cut into pieces and thrown in a river.

Most recently, a car bombing targeted the Christian district in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, killing three and wounding 30. As Giuseppe Nazzaro, the Vicar Apostolic of Aleppo, said, “In this situation the Islamist and terrorist movements are making headway,” adding “These are bad times for religious minorities.”

Unhappily, these sectarian attacks on Christians have sparked fears that Syria could become like Iraq, where church attacks, kidnappings and forced expulsions by armed Islamist militant groups after the US invasion in 2003 drove Iraq’s Christian population from 1.4 million to less than 300,000 today.

For its part, leaders of the Syrian opposition have denied sectarian motives against Christians, noting that, even though the Syrian insurgency is rooted in the nation’s Sunni Muslim majority, all groups are welcome to join the Syrian rebellion.

Not surprisingly, that open invitation to join its ranks has gone largely unanswered among Syrian Christians who make up 10 percent of Syria’s 23 million, mostly Sunni Muslim populace.

Specifically, Syrian Christians have long viewed Assad’s secular regime as being generally more tolerant of Syria’s religious minorities, a belief certainly buttressed by the current anti-Christian violence being perpetrated against them by Syrian Islamists.


To that end, despite the Syrian government’s horrific, murderous crackdown on civilian protesters, Syrian Christians have mostly stayed away from the street protests, worried that the alternative to the Assad regime is, according to former Israeli ambassador Itamar Rabinovich, “chaos, civil war, and possibly a radical Islamist takeover.”

As was the case in Libya, that latter possibility becomes more of a reality as Islamist terror movements in and out of Syria are vying to gain influence over the Syrian revolt in hopes of gathering power if Assad falls.

For example, Sheikh Adnan al-Arour, a Syrian Salafi cleric exiled in Saudi Arabia, has been calling for jihad against the “infidel” Assad regime. Al-Arour’s exhortations have garnered him the open allegiance of several Syrian Islamist rebel brigades, including “Supporters of God Brigade” in Hama, which has praised him as “the leader of the revolution.”

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Jewish Student Injured in Anti-Semitic Attack in Paris


By Louyehi .28.03.2012

Eight days after four Jews were murdered in the Otzar Hatorah school in Toulouse, hatred-based violence has hit France again, this time in Paris.

Channel 2 News reported on Tuesday that a student from the Otzar Hatorah campus in the French capital was lightly injured in an attack by anti-Semites.

The report, which cited local authorities in Paris, said the 12-year-old boy fell victim to violence by a group of unknown assailants who ambushed him outside the school and called out anti-Semitic slurs.

The attackers were able to carry out their plan in spite of the increased security around Jewish schools and synagogues in France, following last week’s attack.

The President of the Otzar Hatorah network of schools, Jean-Paul Amoyal, was quoted by Channel 2 as having told news agencies that the student was attacked only 100 meters from the entrance to the school, in an area that was not guarded.

Amoyal added that no suspects have yet been arrested and that their identity is not known.

The latest attack comes a day after French authorities formally launched an investigation into the brother of the Toulouse terrorist, Mohammed Merah, believing he may have been an accessory to the murders.

Abdelkader Merah, the murderer’s older brother, is suspected of assisting Mohammed in preparing his attacks. The 29-year-old Abdelkader Merah has allegedly told police that he is “very proud” of his brother for murdering his victims. “I regret nothing for him and approve of what he did,” Abdelkader reportedly told investigators.

Earlier on Monday, intelligence officials confirmed reports that Mohammed Merah spent time in Israel over a year and a half ago.

According to the Shin Bet, Merah entered Israel via the Allenby Bridge from Jordan in September 2010. He was investigated by the Shin Bet – who did not unearth any suspicious information – and he was allowed to enter the country.

Merah’s father said on Monday he planned to sue France over his son’s death, saying, “France is a big country that had the means to take my son alive. They could have knocked him out with gas and taken him in. They preferred to kill him.” (Aroutz Sheva in english)


Insult to WWII heroes: Graves of British troops smashed and desecrated in Libya

Mars / March 2012

Voilà ! cela se passe en Libye et s’est absolument, Scandaleux et totalement INFAME !
C’est un Outrage Absolument Inacceptable !!!
L’Angleterre a participé à la Libération de ce pays, et voilà que l’on profane un cimetière datant de la Guerre Mondiale sous le prétexte de signe Chrétien !!!
Je vous laisse réfléchir par vous-même sur ce sujet qui me dépasse et dont ma rage ne dépassera en aucun l’outrage fait au Royaume-Uni ainsi qu’à la Chrétienté dans son ensemble !!!

That ! this is happening in Libya and was absolutely Outrageous and totally INFAMOUS!
This is an Outrage Absolutely Unacceptable!
England participated in the liberation of this country, and here we lay a cemetery dating back to World War II under the pretext of Christian symbols!
I let you think for yourself on this subject is beyond me and my rage, which shall never match the insults made to the UK as well, as Christianity as a whole!!!





Europe’s Islamic Future Has Arrived


at last!

Le TF oblige les jeunes musulmanes à suivre des cours de natation mixte. Swimming, A Must For ALL Says the Fed.Tribunal

26.03.2012, 13:35 – Switzerland
Updated on 26/03/12, 13:38
The TF forcing Muslim girls to attend mixed swimming classes
The case law confirms TF fines of 1,400 francs to Muslim parents who refused their daughters after the compulsory swimming.
The obligation to participate in mixed swimming lessons does not, for Muslim children, an unacceptable assault on religious freedom, said the Federal Court.

It thus confirmed fines totaling 1,400 francs imposed on Muslim parents who refused their daughters after the compulsory swimming given to primary school pupils in Basel city.

They explained their veto by the desire to give their daughters an education in conformity with the precepts of the Koran. Swimming lessons are mixed in their opinion incompatible with the sense of shame that they intend to teach their children before the age of puberty already.

The TF reminds them that it has amended its case three years ago. He considers that the obligation to participate in mixed swimming lessons does not, for Muslim children either, an unacceptable assault on religious freedom.

In 1993, he made a totally different case, which caused a sensation. He had upheld the appeal of a father who had objected to his daughter shows in bathing suits to his fellow men.

For TF, none of the arguments presented by the parents, whose desire to better integrate Muslim families, not justified to reconsider its new case law.

It confirms both the sanctions imposed by the Basel authorities that the decision of the Administrative Tribunal cantonal. He had found that there are “substantial public interest that all children take swimming lessons.”

Le TF oblige les jeunes musulmanes à suivre des cours de natation mixte
Jurisprudence  Le TF confirme des amendes de 1400 francs à des parents musulmans qui avaient refusé que leurs filles suivent les cours obligatoires de natation.
 L’obligation de participer à des cours de natation mixtes ne constitue pas, pour les enfants musulmans, une atteinte inadmissible à la liberté religieuse, estime le Tribunal fédéral.

Il a ainsi confirmé des amendes d’un montant total de 1400 francs infligées à des parents musulmans qui avaient refusé que leurs deux filles suivent les cours obligatoires de natation donnés aux élèves des écoles primaires de  Bâle-ville.

Ils avaient expliqué leur veto par le souci de donner à leurs filles une éducation conforme aux préceptes du Coran. Des cours de natation mixtes seraient à leurs yeux incompatibles avec le sens de  la pudeur qu’ils entendent inculquer à leurs enfants, avant l’âge de  la puberté déjà.

Le TF leur rappelle qu’il a modifié sa jurisprudence il y a trois  ans. Il considère que l’obligation de participer à des cours de  natation mixtes ne constitue pas, pour les enfants musulmans non  plus, une atteinte inadmissible à la liberté religieuse.

En 1993, il avait rendu une jurisprudence totalement différente,  qui avait fait sensation. Il avait admis le recours d’un père de  famille qui s’était opposé à ce que sa fille se montre en costume de  bain à ses camarades de sexe masculin.

Pour le TF, aucun des arguments présentés par les parents, dont  le souci de mieux intégrer les familles musulmanes, ne justifient de  revenir sur sa nouvelle jurisprudence.

Il confirme tant les sanctions prononcées par les autorités  bâloises que la décision du Tribunal administratif cantonal. Ce  dernier avait jugé qu’il existe «un intérêt public important à ce  que tous les enfants suivent les cours de natation».

Source: ATS

I Am Denmark : Danish People’s Party’s Please Watch

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I Am Denmark

Thousands rally in Tunis to demand Islamic law

Tunusia. Lybia, …

Sharia Is Sedition and Must Be Prosecuted

Sharia Awareness Action Network March 25th

Frank Gaffney tells Brigitte Gabriel that the practice of Sharia is actually an act of sedition against the US Constitution and must therefore be prosecuted.

Short but very direct reasons why Sharia is not compatible with out Constitution or any form of democracy.


Lockerbie bomber report published online by Sunday Herald


Benvenuti nella Divisione di Ticino Svizzera Defence League :



Dicci cosa sta succedendo in Ticino, grazie, e Non Sottomissione all’Islam. NS !!!


Washington’s Secret History with the Muslim Brotherhood

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