Tribute To Tommy Robinson + Last Of SDL

Tommy Robinson takes on the Danish Press & exposes the coordinated Global effort to Silence You

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Tommy Robinson takes on the Danish Press & exposes the coordinated Global effort to Silence You




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Swords In Hand, Backs To The Wall

A Soldier Lives, Another Falls

Against Our Foe, Stand Proud Stand Tall

A Soldier Lives, Another Falls

A Soldier Lives, Death Comes For All


Myrkr is Old Norse and means Darkness, Darkness in life is inevitable and will fall upon anyone, it’s all about fighting back.


Wilhem T. Knox




Catch Up. Being In Time. Under The Fist Of Chronos, In Place..In Time.

In Being As The Heart Beat, Jumping In And Out. Borrowing Time.. Time Due..

Never Bored. Running.. Running After Time, ..Times After Times , After Time.

Just To Say I Can’t Follow Up, But I Wish You All A Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year 2020, I Might Be Not The First But I’ll Be Not The Last To Wish Well To All Of You.. +God Bless You+


Looking Forward For Reading, Exchanging, Sharing.. Learning..

The Pilgrim’s Progress Has No End It Is Just A Perpetual Beginning (Inception)




The Murder of Sophie Lancaster On The 24Th Of August 2007

This A Story I Wanted To Share From Quiet A While, I Like What Was Called Subculture. A Culture Of A Few. Music Code, Dress Code, Languages Code. A World Of Its Own.

I Never Been A Goth Or Gothic, In My Time It Was Called New Wave, Cold Wave, Dark Wave And The Latest Might Have Give Some Roots For A Gothic Subculture.

And If It Works Here The Movie On Their Story : Murdered For Being Different (1hour)


The Whole Story :


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She Past Away

She Past Away

Is A Turkish Band,


She Past Away is dark-wave with a reworked 80’s sound. Signature guitar sound of the post-punk era, combined with minimalist poetry in Turkish.

Their music compiles elements from the dark, sensational side of 80’s, often associated with bands like The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Joy Division, Clan Of Xymox, Grauzone, and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. They bring back that era with today’s approach and Turkish lyrics. *

(In An Interview They Been Asked Why Not Sing In English As their Core-fans Are In Europe.

They Answerd That To Sing In Turkish Give To Their Music A Kind Of “Cave Sound  That Fit Better Than English, It Give To The Whole A Dark Side To A Lighter Music. I Totaly Agree.

It’s Still A Mystery, But One Of Their Song Been Choiced By Christian Dior For Their 2016 Collection, The Connection Between The Unknown And The Very Well Known Is A Open Door To Novelty. Enjoy ! Wil.)



Turkey wants control in Middle East. It’s no secret. — The Revelation Road


Turkey lost control in the Middle East when the Ottoman Empire fell. They want that control back. And they lust for the return of their Empire. 48 more words

via Turkey wants control in Middle East. It’s no secret. — The Revelation Road

Austrian Author Tells Truth About Foreign Religion, Warns U.S. Of Danger

1066/1776 and all that



Another one of Jessica’s from that 2013 series today. It’s hard to believe how clearly she saw what was coming in the next decade, back in 2013. Neo

It is hard to pin down what you mean by culture, but despite the efforts of the MSM to pretend that our culture comes from all sorts of wonderful and weird places such as Kenya, the values on which this country was formed were those of a Christian heritage. It was a particular type of heritage. The early pilgrims were of British descent and of Protestant inclination. They were men and women who saw themselves as like the Israelites of old – in the wilderness, building a new Jerusalem – a shining city on a hill. But they also brought with them something from their British heritage – a love of law and freedom. Unlike some countries where the law was seen…

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Syrian Christians join the fight against Turkey. Don’t look away — The Revelation Road

As Turkey moves into Syria, Syrian Christians are forced to fight–again. “I awoke concerned this morning…” The Syrian civil war has lasted for years. But it’s far from over. It’s really just the beginning of a very ugly series of conflicts that will boil over from the Middle East and spread into Africa, Europe and……

via Syrian Christians join the fight against Turkey. Don’t look away — The Revelation Road

Intellectual Froglegs

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

Joe Dan Gorman fears no audience large or small.

He gave an amazing speech at last years CPAC

Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs rock AMPFest at Trump Doral

Last week I had the pleasure, rather, the honor, of meeting Joe Dan Gorman, the original ‘Renaissance Hillbilly,’ at AmpFest aka the American Prosperity Conference…

Last week I had the pleasure, rather, the honor, of meeting Joe Dan Gorman, the original ‘Renaissance Hillbilly,’ at AmpFest aka the American Prosperity Conference at the 800 acres, Trump Doral Resort in Miami.

I know that Joe Dan was nervous about performing live, as this was only his second time doing so, however, his performance was so hysterical and so well received, that Facebook unpublished my 3.27 million-member Trump fan page mere hours after I streamed it live!

While I can not say with certainty that it was Joe Dan’s killer act that…

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Civil War : Where When How Who ?

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Civil War : Where When How Who ?

I Do Not Know.

I Can make Only A Swiss Dystopia.

Soon In Switzerland We Will Have To Vote On Accepting The E.U. To Go Over Swiss Justice. That Mean Swiss Says No On Something, And The Other Part Go To The E.U. And Obtain A Yes. It’s Crazy. (Islam And Migration). All The Left Coalition Is Working For It. I Have To Say That We Did Have To Vote Three Times For Or Against The Adhesion With The E.U. (Three Times NO). But Pressure By E.U. Blackmailing, Threatening With Boycott And So On. To Have a Swiss Deal.

Let’s Say The Left Manage To Sell Their Idea And Agenda To The People (Let’s Say 51 Against 49).

At This Point We Are In Secession, Leading To Insurrection. We Are In The Same Situation Than Ukraine.. Civil War, Two Governments. The Newly Made European Army (Already A Reality) Could Take Easily The Towns Of : Basel, Schaffhausen, Geneva, And Zürich ; But Will Be Stop At Lucern, A Strategic Point, And Entrance To The Heart Of Switzerland. Lucern Could Become Such A Disaster With Heavy Humans Lost (Horror Of War) That Will Shock All European Countries..

And Then May Start Insurrection In Other Part Of Europe Until The Dissolution Of The European Union And The Restoration Of Nations States.

I Can Write That Because I’m Swiss, But This Could be In Sweden, United Kingdom, Some Place In Germany, Similar Thing, Different Sparks..

Many People In Europe Says : This Will End In Civil War !

A Hope ? A Mean To An End ? A Wish That Will Never Come True, Believing That The Good People Stay Silenced, And Obey. And Let The Annihilation Proceed..

Once Again I Don’t Know,

But This Will End In Civil War !


The Great Bible of 1539

Where Living Begins

The front page of 1539 Great Bible, the first official “Byble in Englyshe”.

The Roman Catholic Church insisted that the Bible could only be used in Latin. Following Martin Luther’s lead, King Henry the VIII and the Protestant Reformers in England believed the Bible should be available in the common language of its readers. In 1539, Henry’s chief aide, Thomas Cromwell commissioned the Bible to be officially translated into English.

The translation by scholar Miles Coverdale was based largely on the previous and studious work of William Tyndale, who was put death by King Henry for producing an illegal English version Bible in 1536.

The Great Bible, was so-named because each page was 11 inches (28 cm) wide by 16.5 inches (42 cm) long, and the book 14 inches (36 cm) thick! Pastors were required to place a Great Bible in a convenient place in every church building so the…

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Víkingur Ólafsson “Piano – Piano”

Watch pianist Víkingur Ólafsson (“Artist of the Year” at the Gramophone Awards 2019) perform the Andante from Bach’s Organ Sonata No. 4, as transcribed for the piano by August Stradal, from his album ‘J. S. Bach – Works & Reworks’. The video was directed by Magnús Leifsson.




Vikingur Olafsson records Chopin : Prélude No 4 – E minor



A Revolution by the Word

Where Living Begins

My son Daniel at Wittenberg Castle Church, Germany (2017)

Martin Luther was faced with a decision to remain quiet or speak out. The religious corruption he witnessed was unbearable. Bishops sold places in Heaven to the highest bidder. The pope claimed to be the only authority for Christians and promised early release from Purgatory for donations to build his Roman palace. Priests were impregnating nuns and aborting the babies.

Luther began by writing a letter to his bishop, explaining 95 Biblical reasons the pope was wrong to sell salvation. Then on October 31, 1517, filled with righteous anger at the lack of response, he stormed to his church building in Wittenberg, Germany, and nailed his Ninety-Five Theses on the doors which served as the community bulletin board. Soon his complaint reached Rome.

For hundreds of years the pope was considered the final authority in all things Christian. His words were…

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Reading through Revelation – Chapter 12, Part 2 – And there was war in Heaven

Laser scans reveal Templar secrets under the city of Acre — The Templar Knight

A team from National Geographic led by Dr Albert Lin has uncovered a series of tunnels under the modern Israeli city of Akko – known as Acre 800 years ago – that were built by the Knights Templar. MUST WATCH: Catch me as King Henry VIII on ITV The team also established the location of…

via Laser scans reveal Templar secrets under the city of Acre — The Templar Knight

Persecution Of Christians – Why Are WE So Silent ?

“Why Are You So Silent?”: Persecution of Christians, August 2019


  • Boko Haram “has terrorised Christian communities in Nigeria for the last decade and has now splintered and spread its violent ideology into Cameroon, Niger and Chad.” — Staff writer, Christian Today, August 8, 2019.
  • “They asked him to deny Christ and when he refused they cut off his right hand. Then he refused [again], they cut to the elbow again. In which he refused, before they shot him twice, at the head, the forehead, the neck, and chest.” — Enoch Yeohanna, speaking on CBN News, August 29, 2019. Nigeria.
  • “Every year at least a thousand girls are kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert to Islam, even forced to marry their tormentors.” — Tabassum Yousaf, a local Catholic lawyer, quoted in Newsbook MT, August 12, 2019. Pakistan.











In Turkey, St. Theodoros Trion, an abandoned, historic church — the original Greek congregation of which was purged by the Ottoman Empire — was vandalized in August; the graffiti included genocidal slogans. Pictured: St. Theodoros Trion in 2008. (Image source: Chanilim714/Wikimedia Commons)

Hate for and Violence against Christians

Cameroon: Militant Muslims, allegedly affiliated with the Nigerian-based Islamic terror group Boko Haram, “reached new heights” of depravity. Boko Haram, after devastating the Christian village of Kalagari in a raid and kidnapping eight women, later released them but some had their ears “chopped off” (image here). The report adds that Boko Haram “has terrorised Christian communities in Nigeria for the last decade and has now splintered and spread its violent ideology into Cameroon, Niger and Chad.”

Nigeria: On August 29, Chuck Holton, a CBN News reporter, aired a segment on his visit with Christian refugees who had fled Boko Haram’s invasions into their villages. Among the stories of death and devastation, the following, spoken by a young man, stood out:

“On 29 September 2014 was the day that they attacked my village. Around ten I had a call that they have killed my dad. They asked him to deny Christ and when he refused they cut off his right hand. Then he refused [again], they cut to the elbow again. In which he refused, before they shot him twice, at the head, the forehead, the neck, and chest.”

Indonesia: A Muslim preacher in a Christian-majority region referred to the Christian cross as “an element of the devil,” thereby prompting outrage among Christians and some moderates. Sheikh Abdul Somad made the comment during a videotaped sermon when he was asked why Muslims “felt a chill whenever they saw a crucifix.” “Because of Satan! Was his response: “There’s an evil jinn in every crucifix that wants to convert people into Christianity.”

Christians and moderates condemned his words. Even so, “I can’t imagine the reaction if it had been another preacher of a different religion insulting an Islamic symbol,” one moderate said. “There would have been a tsunami of protests, with the perpetrator severely punished.” Sheikh Somad responded by releasing another video; his excuse was that he was unaware that non-Muslims might hear his words: “The Quran reciting session was held in a closed mosque, not at a stadium, a football field, nor aired on television,” he explained. “It was for Muslims internally. I was answering a question about statues and the position of the Prophet Isa (Jesus) relative to Muslims.”

Burkina Faso: Although most mainstream media downplay the religious element in Muslim on Christian violence in Africa, attacks on the Christians of Burkina Faso have become so single-mindedly based on religion that on August 21, the Washington Post published a report entitled, “Islamist militants are targeting Christians in Burkina Faso.” Its author, Danielle Paquette, noted that “A spreading Islamist insurgency has transformed Burkina Faso from a peaceful country known for farming, a celebrated film festival and religious tolerance into a hotbed of extremism.” She noted that the jihadis have been checking people’s necks for Christian symbols, killing anyone wearing a crucifix or carrying any other Christian image. In a separate report, Bishop Dabiré, discussing several deadly attacks on Christians and their churches, said, “If this continues without anyone intervening, the result will be the elimination of the Christian presence in this area and — perhaps in the future —in the entire country.

Egypt: Authorities, despite strong opposition, reinstated to the pulpit (minbar) Sheikh Yasser Burhami, a notoriously “radical” cleric and hate preacher. Burhami had previously issued numerous fatwas—clerical opinions based on Islamic scriptures—that demanded hate and hostility for non-Muslims, most specifically the nation’s largest and most visible minority, the Christian Copts. Burhami has referred to them as “a criminal and infidel minority,” and has invoked “Allah’s curse” on them. He once went so far as to say that, although a Muslim man is permitted to marry Christian or Jewish women (ahl al-kitab), he must make sure he still hates them in his heart—and show them this hate—because they are infidels; otherwise he risks compromising his Islam. Burhami has also stated that churches—which he refers to as “places of polytheism (shirk) and houses of infidelity (kufr)”—must never be built in Egypt. He issued a separate fatwa forbidding Muslim taxi and bus drivers from transporting Christian clergymen to their churches, an act he depicted as being “more forbidden than taking someone to a liquor bar.” Burhami’s fatwas also called for the persecution of Muslims who apostatize from Islam; permitting Muslim husbands to abandon their wives to rape; permitting “marriage” to 12-year-old girls, and banning Mother’s Day. In a video, Dr. Naguib Ghobrial, a Coptic activist, politician, and head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization—which over the years has lodged 22 separate complaints against Burhami—repeatedly questioned Egypt’s leading religious authorities’ decision to reinstate the hate-preaching sheikh:

“Is what Burhami teaches truly what Islam teaches—is that why no one has done anything to him [regarding the 22 complaints lodged against him]? Truly I’m shocked! Please answer Sheikh of Al Azhar; please answer Grand Mufti: are the things Burhami teaches what Islam teaches? Is this why none of you oppose him or joined us when we lodged complaints against him?… Why are you so silent? Amazing!”

The Slaughter of Christians

Pakistan: “A ten year old Christian child who chose to work in a dangerous scrap factory so he could support his mother who had to fend for a family of two boys and a drug-addict husband, was raped and tortured before being killed by his Muslim employers,” according to a report (with photos). Badil, 10, worked at the men’s factory in order to support his impoverished mother, Sharifa Bibi:

“I worked hard for many hours just for the sake of my two sons so that they would not have to suffer as I have suffered without education. My son Badil couldn’t bear to see the struggle of his mother and insisted on working to help the family—despite my insistence that he avoid work till he was older. Badil was such a responsible son. Daily before leaving for work he asked me what should bring in the evening from his wages. I insisted that he kept his money for himself, but he brought groceries like sugar, rice, flour, ghee daily.”

Badil had to walk long distances and work for many hours a day to earn the equivalent of one dollar a day. Soon his employer began to cheat him on his wages. His mother insisted that he quit, but the boy persevered; at one point he took his younger brother, 9, with him to help. When the employers refused to pay his brother anything for his contribution, Badil finally decided to quit—which angered his Muslim employer. His younger brother recalls:

“As Mr Akram heard this he ran to hit Badil but Badil ran from the shop and Akram gave chase. However, A friend of Akram was standing nearby on his motorcycle and told Akram to sit behind him, then both men chased Badil till they caught up with him. Akram then got off the motorcycle and dragged Badil back to the store. They took Badil inside the store which is full of scrap. For half an hour I was completely unaware of what was happening with Badil inside. Eventually both men came outside and pretended as if nothing had happened inside. I thought my brother had also left the store from another exit so I went to look for him. I searched vigorously for 15 minutes and then saw my mother [approaching to walk the boys home], so I rushed to her to tell her what had happened.”

Sharifa and her younger son searched frantically for Badil and finally found him collapsed on the ground near their home. They rushed to him, thinking he was exhausted from the day’s work and subsequent thrashing, but quickly realized that he was barely breathing: “At this point the whole situation was too much to bear for Sharifa who began to scream and wail hysterically,” the report notes. Badil was taken to a hospital where, seven hours later, the boy was pronounced dead. His brother “has been traumatised following his brother’s death and hasn’t left his house since and often screams in terror thinking the men responsible will take him too.”

Cameroon: A Bible translator “was butchered to death on Sunday morning [August 25] during an overnight attack while his wife’s arm was cut off,” according to a report:

“Bible translator Angus Abraham Fung was among seven people said to have been killed during an attack carried out by suspected Fulani herdsmen sometime during the early hours of Sunday morning in the town of Wum, according to Efi Tembon, who leads a ministry called Oasis Network for Community Transformation.”

Fulani herdsmen are Muslim, and currently the chief persecutors of Christian farmers in Nigeria. “They went into houses and pulled out the people,” Tembon said. “They attacked in the night and nobody was expecting. They just went into the home, pulled them out and slaughtered them.” Fung’s wife, Eveline Fung, who had her arm hacked off, was last reported receiving a blood transfusion at a local hospital.

Attacks against Apostates and Evangelists

Iran: Authorities sentenced a 65-year-old woman, a Muslim convert to Christianity, to one year in prison, on the charge that she was “acting against national security” and engaging in “propaganda against the system.” According to the report:

“The hearing was owing to her arrest shortly before Christmas when three agents from Iranian intelligence raided her home and took Mahrokh to intelligence offices where she endured ten days of intensive interrogation before she was released after submitting bail of 30 million Toman (US $2,500).”

Friends of the woman said that “the judge was very rude and tried to humiliate Mahrokh after she disagreed with him.”

Separately, a Kurdish bookseller in Bokan, Western Azerbaijan province, was arrested for selling Bibles. According to the August 27 report:

“Mostafa Rahimi was arrested on 11 June on charge of selling bible[s] in his bookstore, and he was released later on bail until the court issued his sentence. Hengaw Organization for Human Rights has learned that Rahimi is sentenced to 3 months and 1 day imprisonment. Later in mid-August he was arrested again, and he is currently at the central prison of Bokan.”

Another report elaborates:

“Iran’s government is officially Islamic, and authorities actively restrict access to Bibles and other Christian literature. Sharing one’s faith is categorized as a criminal offense, usually of the national security nature. The authorities often pressure Christians so extensively, routinely violating their human rights, that they are given no choice but to escape their country.”

Somaliland: An August 16 report shares the experiences a married Muslim woman, 32, underwent after her husband discovered a Bible in her possession.

“I told my husband that I found the Bible in Nairobi and wanted to read it,” the woman responded. “He just pronounced the word talaq [Arabic for divorce] to me. I knew that our marriage had just been rendered null and void because I joined Christianity, so without wasting time I left the homestead…. There and then he took our two daughters [ages 4 and 7] away from me and divorced me. He gave me a stern warning that I should not come close to the children, and that if I do, he will take the Bible to the Islamic court and I will be killed by stoning for becoming an apostate.”

Her former husband proceeded to expose her clandestine conversion to her Muslim family. “My brothers beat me mercilessly with sticks as well as denying me food,” she said. “I feared to report the case to the police or the local administration, because they will charge me with a criminal offense of apostasy in accordance with the sharia.” She has since relocated to an undisclosed location: “God has spared my life, and my fellow underground Christians in other regions of Somalia have received me and shared the little they have, but I am very traumatized.” According to the report,

“Somalia’s constitution establishes Islam as the state religion and prohibits the propagation of any other religion, according to the U.S. State Department. It also requires that laws comply with sharia (Islamic law) principles, with no exceptions in application for non-Muslims. Somalia is ranked 3rd [after North Korea (1st) and Afghanistan (2nd)] on Christian support group Open Doors’ 2019 World Watch List of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.”

Pakistan: After opening a summer education program for youths, a Christian family was “terrorized” and forced to shut it down after being accused of clandestinely trying to convert Muslim children to Christianity. According to a family member:

“We started a project for interfaith harmony and education teaching marginalized children from different faiths about a year ago. In June, we started a summer camp that provided a free program for children that have dropped out of school. The design of this program was to provide guidance for these children to become civilized and tolerant.”

Two weeks into the summer program, a group of men, two of whom were armed, stormed into the academy, did violence to the property and harassed the children, and beat one of the instructors:

“They threatened us with consequences if the academy was not shut down. They alleged that we were promoting Christianity and were doing Christian evangelism. For safety and security, we had no other choice but to obey the extremists and shutdown the academy…. I don’t want to lose my son or any family member. This terrorizing incident has already put us into trauma.”

In a separate incident in Pakistan, around 4 a.m. of August 2, seven Muslim men stormed into a parish house, where they tied up and savagely beat two young priests, Fr. Anthony Abraz and Fr. Shahid Boota, all while they “humiliated and abused them for preaching the Gospel in a Muslim-majority neighborhood.” The invaders also vandalized the building, broke windows, bookshelves, and cupboards, and desecrated Christian objects, including Bibles, Christian literature, and icons. Afterwards, “We were told we will have to face consequences if this house is not vacated,” Fr. Abraz reported. “They said, ‘We don’t want a Christian center near the mosque.'”

Finally, increasing numbers of Christian girls continue to be targeted for kidnapping, rape, and/or forced conversion in Pakistan. According to one report,

“In August, Yasmeen Ashraf, age 15, and Muqadas Tufail, age 14, were kidnapped and raped by three men in Kasur. The pair of Christian girls were taken when they were on their way to work as domestic workers. Also in August, another young Christian girl, named Kanwal, was kidnapped, raped, and forcefully converted to Islam by a group of Muslim men and a cleric in Lala Musa, located in the Gujart District. After reuniting her family, Kanwal shared that she had been beaten, sexually assaulted, and threatened with the deaths of her brothers if she refused to convert to Islam.”

In the previous month of July, at least three similar cases occurred. “Oppression exists in different layers for Christian girls in Pakistan. They are suffering on the bases of gender, religion, and class. It has been documented that young Christian girls face higher levels of sexual harassment and are persecuted for their Christian faith,” Nabila Feroz Bhatti, a human rights defender in Lahore, said in response to the incidents above. Similarly, the Pontifical charity, Aid to the Church in Need, announced in August that it “is sounding the alarm on the plight of young Christian women, and even teenagers, in Pakistan who are forced to convert to Islam.” “Every year at least a thousand girls are kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert to Islam, even forced to marry their tormentors,” elaborated Tabassum Yousaf, a local Catholic lawyer.

Meanwhile, those who try to protect Christian girls are punished. On August 16, Maskeen Khan and two other Muslim men attacked the home of Bahadur Masih, a Christian. While holding a knife, Khan and his partners tried to rape Masih’s daughter, Rachel, but were prevented by the rudely awoken family that immediately and desperately responded. “Since the Christian family was defending themselves, Khan also got some injuries,” Ahsan Masih Sindhu, a local Christian political leader, reported. “The family handed Khan over to police and he got medical treatment. However, he later died in police custody.” Police arrested and charged four members of the family with murder, even though they were in their own home protecting their daughter from violent intruders. Other members of the family have gone into hiding due to threats from the dead would-be rapist’s relatives. “We are sad about the death of Khan, however, the Christian family did have the right to defend,” Sindhu explained. “The police must conduct a fair investigation into this incident.” Instead, police are denying the family the “right to defend” itself.

Attacks on Churches

Algeria: On August 6, police barged into a church during worship service, evacuated reluctant worshippers, and sealed the church building off. “I am deeply saddened by so much injustice – it breaks my heart,” Messaoud Takilt, the pastor said.

“This is not surprising since other Christian places of worship have been closed and sealed as was the case today. But anyway, we will continue to celebrate our services outside while the Lord gives us grace for a final solution.”

When, with a veiled threat, police denied his request at least to let the worship service conclude, “The assembly finally yielded and agreed to leave the premises, but with much pain. Some went out with eyes full of tears.” Police proceeded to empty the premises of all furniture and sealed off every door before the distressed pastor (picture here). Responding to this latest church closure, the World Evangelical Alliance issued a statement on August 12 calling on Algeria to cease closing churches and instead reopen them. A portion follows:

“We deeply regret that two additional churches were forcibly closed by administrative decisions, in May and in August 2019 in the city of Boudjima, northeast of Tizi-Ouzou in Kabylie Region. This brings the number of forcibly closed churches to 6, including one house church…. Many more churches are threatened with closure, amid denial of formal registration and recognition by authorities.”

Indonesia: Muslim protestors compelled local authorities to revoke a permit for, and cease construction of, a Baptist church in Central Java. On August 1, residents went to the partially constructed church and padlocked its fence. A meeting was later held among members of the church, local residents, and authorities, as well as others. Although the pastor displayed the government-issued permit to build a church, Muslim residents insisted that it was wrongly given, thereby leading to a standstill in negotiations. In the previous month, July, two other churches in Indonesia were shut down following local protests.

Turkey: St. Theodoros Trion, an abandoned, historic church — the original Greek congregation of which was purged by the Ottoman Empire — was vandalized; the graffiti included genocidal slogans. According to the report,

“The vandals sprayed hate speech across the church’s walls. The vandalism was largely a reference to the secularism that Ataturk, modern Turkey’s founder, had forced into the governmental structure…. Just a few years ago, the same church was targeted by Islamist vandals who wrote slogans such as ‘the priest is gone, he went to the mosque’ — a reference to the country’s genocide and the forced conversions which occurred during this time. There are no Christians attending this church. All of the congregants were victims of the genocide. They faced death, deportation, and forced conversions. Those few who survived have since fled the country. The church currently stands as a historic monument to the Christianity that once was commonplace in the region.”

Egypt: A Christian toddler was the latest victim of Egypt’s draconian restrictions on churches. According to an August 21 report, Youssed Ebid, a 4-year-old Christian boy (photo), was struck by a tractor while waiting outdoors for a bus to take him to church in another village. His own village is currently denied a church, forcing its Christian residents to travel long distances to attend one. Many Christians in Egypt face the same situation; accidents during their long treks frequently take place.

About this Series

While not all, or even most, Muslims are involved, persecution of Christians by extremists is growing. The report posits that such persecution is not random but rather systematic, and takes place irrespective of language, ethnicity, or location.

Previous reports

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The Islamic State: How Its Leadership Is Organized





Prez Trump? Why The Continuation Of Lawlessness? Martial Law?

“” Even if Trump wins in 2020, and it looks like he will, it will possibly be the last Presidential election the political right will ever win. We have lost the demographic. For Whites, freedom lovers, legacy Americans–it’s all over. Our country is destroyed already. Trump is the symbol of the last hope there is for freedom. When he is gone, with it will come the realization for most Americans that their country is finally finished. It will spark war. If Trump declares martial law however, there is a good chance we can turn the tide and preserve whatever remnants of the republic remain and build on that. When the left takes control once again–we’re finished politically forever. We will have to go to war or sit down and shut the f’ck up forever. “” (TMJ)

The Mad Jewess

  • Authored by T:

Image result for patrick henry

…And it’s not just he who does nothing… the Secret Service, those who are tasked with protecting the president, do nothing. They do nothing when people inside government and outside government are threatening his life. They just let it go on and on and on.

He finally did something interesting last Wednesday: he pulled John Brennan’s security clearance. Though he should have done it a long time ago, it is finally done. That’s big. But he needs to get bigger. Obviously.

Either Trump knows something we don’t know, or he just doesn’t give a f’ck? I don’t have the words. I do not understand it. Nothing seems to bother Trump in the least. Nothing. And he is pulling the biggest crowds he has ever drawn. The Dallas rally, in spite of the threats and the implied threats on Trump’s life, was one of his biggest events ever…

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Scandza Forum, Copenhagen 2019

Ex-Muslims Silenced after New Zealand Mosque Attack (David Wood) (Video)


Ex-Muslims Silenced after New Zealand Mosque Attack (David Wood)


Following the New Zealand mosque attacks in Christchurch, critics of Islam are being blocked, banned, and deplatformed. For instance, ex-Muslim Armin Navabi, founder of Atheist Republic, recently had his talk at Mount Royal University in Calgary cancelled due to complaints after the NZ shootings. Should universities be silencing critics of Islam? David Wood discusses the issue.

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